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Who I am
I’m Rob Baker, a Product Designer based in Los Angeles. For 7 years, I was a personal trainer for athletes and high-profile clients before transitioning into technology. 

My passion for helping people has never gone away. And now, I channel that into collaborating with entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and realize their dreams, as I once did. 

One of the main goals that drive my passion is the potential to wield technology to create community. And give access to those who traditionally did not have the resources to grow or scale their business.
What I do
My value comes from my many years as a business owner, as well as scaling my own digital products for customers. 

My years of experience uniquely position me to deeply understand the intricacies of business ownership and the balance of captivating users while also driving tangible business results.
My approach
Throughout my process, I comb over every detail to maintain quality and organization in case the needs of the business change. I enlist an extensive toolkit while designing; including:
  • Communicating throughout the entire process.
  • Various research methods, including connecting directly with your users.
  • Product strategy and metrics we will need to hit to make steps toward our goals.
  • Design systems and brand guidelines.
  • Testing the designs to ensure success.
How I help my clients
  • 48% of consumers consider design to be a key factor when determining a company’s credibility.
  • Reduce development costs. The cost of correcting a mistake discovered after a product hits the market is between four and five times as costly as fixing one spotted during the design phase.
  • Increase revenue. A staggering 62% of companies secured more sales by embracing responsive mobile websites, which offer quality performance on diverse smartphones and tablets.
  • Convert leads into customers
  • Drive brand loyalty. User experience is expected to become the main brand differentiator.
  • Delivering the best user experience through solid UX design, which stands to achieve real customer satisfaction and loyalty in the long run.
Getting started
If you're interested in working together or learning more about any of the above, the best thing to do is send me an email at and tell me a little bit about you and your project (including rough timelines) upfront. 

If you have a project in mind that you think I’d be a good fit for, let’s talk!